TTT Master's Athlete Camp - September 29&30, 2018

TTT Master's Athlete Camp - September 29&30, 2018

Who it's for:

35+ year old athletes who...

  • plan on competing in the CF Games season
  • plan on competing in non CF-sanctioned fitness events 
  • want to improve their performance in group fitness classes

What's covered:

  • In-depth talks covering
    • warm up and cool down approaches for competition weekends
    • recovery/lifestyle habits to support training goals
    • building a resilient mindset
  • Multiple hands-on workshops for skill work, breathing drills, and movement variability
  • Multiple competition style workouts designed to test and expose different qualities, along with individual feedback 

The weekend will be laid out as follows: 

Saturday (10AM - 7PM)
Meet and greet/Introduction/Goals of weekend and general flow
Two short lectures/discussions
Two hands-on workshops
Two workouts and follow up discussions with feedback/cues/tips from coaches
Catered Dinner

Sunday (9AM - 3:30PM)
Two hands on workshops
One short lecture
One workout with follow up discussion and coach feedback
Weekend conclusion/discussion/farewell/Q&A